Thursday, April 10, 2008

Photography Lesson - "Xperimental Xtras"

"Xperimental Xtras"

The story's strange, but then again, so are many librarians. I should know, I'm the progeny of two.

A long time ago, the Biblioteque Nationale de France was in a tricky position. Dedicated to obtaining and archiving every publication in the land, it was frequently embarrassed by some of the racier titles. It placed these 'brown paper bag' items in a special, secret area of the library and merrily named it 'Hell'.

The sinister 'X' which chillingly adorns one side of the new BNF (you know, that horrible building which is supposed to look like four open books... good grief) symbolically tells any passing devils that Enfer is now back in business, at least for the duration of the exhibition, where you can admire all manner of naughties from the past.

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Steve & Cricket said...

I never new it was suppose to look like two books . Oooppss!

Would be a fun collection to see , probably , ;-))


Sab said...

Four open books, actually! I've got used to it now, but still think it could have been a lot better.


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