Saturday, May 17, 2008

Photography Lesson - "Improving Reality"

"Improving Reality"
The issue of how much to 'play around' with a photo after clicking the shutter button is a long-running issue in modern photography.

The purists would say that the authenticity and 'art' of photography has been irrevocably damaged by the advent of digital technology. The pixel bods don't understand what they're on about.

And those, like myself, who have crossed over from the old methods by happily incorporating the new enjoy the best of both worlds: enhancing the essential techniques for taking a great shot before snapping with some of the marvellous new possibilities available after the event.

If you work hard to make sure the original picture has merit, then the bewildering gamut of special effects or just ways of correcting unfortunate restrictions or mistakes such as poor lighting conditions or camera shake are all perfectly acceptable tools in the modern creative photographer's box of tricks.

© 2008 Sab Will / Paris Set Me Free

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Anonymous said...

"Sab is your archetypal self-taught enthusiast" Despite how you describe yourself':-) your images are great. I enjoyed looking around your site.

Phil Jones

Paris Set Me Free said...

Hi Phil! I much appreciate your comment. Thanks for taking the time: I'm honoured by your visit!

All the best,

Dusty Lens said...

First of all, I want to thank you for your blog of learning. although I have learned a lot, I have much to learn.

There are so many rules that photography teaches us, such as the rule of thirds and to give your subject room to look through.

Sometimes these rules can be broken with dramatic results. As in your photo here. Most of us would have put more room to where she was looking. But here, there is drama by her glancing away, but at what? drama. with the colorful objects to her right, there is apparant balance between her looking to the left, abd the scene filled on the right.

Just my novice perspective.

As a tourist to Paris, I found it difficult to take photographs without fellow tourists. I took this photo. You need to act fast with children. The boys are watching their sailboats at the fountain.

Paris Set Me Free said...

Dusty Lens...

Your comment is marvellous and very apposite!

Don't worry too much about rules; they were, as the old saying goes, made to be broken...

They do count for something, of course, but don't get hung up by them... and you'll do OK.


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