Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Photography Lesson - "All In A Mood"

"All In A Mood"

There's something special about days when peole just lie down on the ground in the middle of a public place and snooze.

I was reading a funky book recently where the guy recommends just suddenly lying down in the middle of the street for ten seconds then getting up and carrying on, as a way of gaining confidence and not caring about what others think. Must try it someday. In the meantime I'll content myself with photos of those who do.

Maybe it's the long shadows, or the arm thrown lazily across the eyes or the presence of water... but whatever elements go to make up this gentle scene, there is a definite mood, and conveying a mood is an important concept in photography...

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Snapper said...

Wonderful image!

Ineke said...

haha fantastic advice.
I am afraid i am not at that level of confidence yet.
you might set a trend and then nobody could be bothered anymore

Paris Set Me Free said...

Thanks snapper. ineke - glad you like the blah blah about this shot! Thanks for stopping by :-)


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