Monday, July 07, 2008

Photography Lesson - "Fishing For Complements"

"Fishing For Complements"

On the corner of rue du Chat Qui Pêche (or Fishing Cat street), a tiny little passage more the size of a mountain stream than a typical Parisian street, is a collection of pussy-related pictures, postcards and posters.

Almost certainly not a coincidence, but nevertheless a pleasing repetition of the theme for any observant passing snapper.

And quite apart from that obvious theme, you've got some lovely eroded brickwork, a bent-out-of-shape water pipe, and even an Eiffel Tower t-shirt to remind us where we are, after all! (not to mention the topless girl for the boys...)

Throw in a jaunty angle, crop carefully, zap it up a bit, and there you have it - a genuinely interesting photo grabbed from a grotty old street corner - marvellous!

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ALAIN said...

Joli rapprochement et raccourci historique puisque le nom de la rue vient d'une enseigne de chat pêchant !

Clueless in boston said...

the picture certainly caught my eye on the portal for all the reasons you mentioned and that now I don't have to:)

I must say though, I do particularly like the angle and the cropping of the picture.

Paris Set Me Free said...

Alain, merci, c'est très interessant à savoir - il existe un original de cette enseigne ? Ce serait sympa

Clueless, yep she's a nice looking girl.. ;-) with multiple charms...

Harry Makertia said...

I am not a good photographer, but I do like this picture. It has something to attract you, quiet for sometimes, and falling in love! Thanks!

Paris Set Me Free said...

A good photographer Harry? I'm not exactly sure what that is! Glad you like the pic. It's a recent favourite of mine too.


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