Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wolf Mother

"Wolf Mother"

This rather bizarre sculpture is to be found in a typically Parisian little square bearing the jaunty name of Square Paul Painlevé (Paul Risenbread!)

It's all to do with some Roman legend, which I no expert on, about a couple of twins being nursed by a she-wolf. Whatever the origins it makes you look twice and I'd be interested to hear a parent explaining to their curious kids just what it's supposed to represent.

There are apparently versions of this statue all over the place, the world I mean, and it's this sort of thing that adds to the charm of the place and livens up an afternoon stroll around the city. But then you knew that, didn't you?


Kelly said...

You are right! The twins were Remus and Romulus, and they were the sons of Mars. They fought a battle, and one killed the other, and founded Rome. I think there are two hills in Rome that are the location of the mythical battle, but that I am not sure of.

Kelly said...

p.s. Loved the thought of the parents trying to explain this!

Steve & Cricket said...

Reminds me of being in Rome ... Good food ;-))) Cool shot too


babooshka said...

Greek and Roamn myths and legends are my thing, so this is a lovely image for me. Photographers know to sometimes shoot the part rather than the whole. Really sharp image and excellent composition.


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