Thursday, August 07, 2008

Mini Photo Tutorial - "The Canvan Cometh"

Mini Photo Tutorial - 'The Canvan Cometh'

(Right-click the image above and open in a new window to have a bigger, good quality version of the photo right next to the video commtary as we discuss the photo. You can even click the video to have a bigger version of that too! Life is beautiful...)

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Dusty Lens said...

One whimsical item I saw was that the beer can on the street seems to point toward the green truck. Brilliant coincidence!

I believe my photography problem is to simply record the moment. That is the problem I face with being a part of City Daily Photo. CDP is to showcase the city in which the photographer lives.

I am finding myself freelancing away from this and trying to discover my own theme. Thank you for this tip, to discover and find my theme. I promise you I will work on this.


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