Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Paris Photo Quiz 2 - 'BIG Guy'

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Paris Photo Quiz 2 - 'BIG Guy'

Welcome to a fun new feature on Paris Set Me Free: the Paris Photo Quiz!

The idea is simple: I post a pic I took in Paris, and you have to try and guess what or who or where it is. OK? Let's go.

He sure is a BIG guy - about two stories high - but do you know who he is, and where he hangs out?!

And feel free to comment even if someone has already guessed correctly - add more info, talk about similar places you know, share your little Paris stories or anecdotes... whatever - the more the merrier!

The answer and a new mystery pic in a few days!

Paris Photo Quiz 1 - 'Gold Finker' ~ Answer

This blindingly shiny gold statue is a new and striking feature of the Parc Monsouris, and is in fact Thomas Paine, the great 18th century thinker who penned the seminal Rights of Man and The Age of Reason.

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Paris Photo Quiz 2 - 'BIG Guy'
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1 comment:

Steve & Cricket said...

You are awesome Sab ... It looks like a 2 week in Spain coming up . Could you make it over for a few days ??? No dates yet but it will be funnnnnnnn :-)))



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