Thursday, April 16, 2009

Paris Photo Quiz 3 - 'Big Wheels'

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Paris Photo Quiz 3 - 'Big Wheels'

Welcome to the great Paris Set Me Free ~ Paris Photo Quiz!

The idea is simple: I post a pic I took in Paris, and you have to try and guess what or who or where it is. OK? Let's go.

Quiz 3: Harking back to another era, when this was
probably extremely high technology, this industrial monster is little used
today, if at all. But where and what in Paris... is it?!

And feel free to comment even if someone has already guessed correctly - add more info, talk about similar places you know, share your little Paris stories or anecdotes... whatever - the more the merrier!

The answer and a new mystery pic in a few days!

Paris Photo Quiz 2 - 'BIG Guy' ~ Answer

This amazing figure is an efigy of a legendary giant who supposedly attacked folks on their way to the popular pilgrimage destination, St. Jacques de Compostelle. The giant, who went by the name of Isoré, or something like it, was eventually killed but was so unweildy that they had to bury him right there. Not on the wall presumably, but the wonderfully characterful 8.5m monster sitting half-way up a building on rue de la Tombe-Issoire in the 14th arrondissement is a great local feature.

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Paris Photo Quiz 3 - 'Big Wheels'
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