Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Paris Photo Quiz 4 - 'Mile Wide Smile'

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Paris Photo Quiz 4 - 'Mile Wide Smile'

Welcome to the great Paris Set Me Free ~ Paris Photo Quiz!

The idea is simple: I post a pic I took in Paris, and you have to try and guess what or who or where it is. OK? Let's go.

Quiz 4: This weird and wonderful (that's my favourite word combination, by the way) object, with a typically Parisian café in the background, has a very functional use and is right next to one of the most famous buildings in... The World! Any ideas, Paris afficionados?

And feel free to comment even if someone has already guessed correctly - add more info, talk about similar places you know, share your little Paris stories or anecdotes... whatever - the more the merrier!

The answer and a new mystery pic in a few days!

Paris Photo Quiz 3 - 'Big Wheels' ~ Answer

This amazing structure is to be found, as someone pointed out on Flickr, at one end of the Bassin de la Villette where the canal is crossed by the rue de Crimée. And I believe that these enormous structures are to lift up the bridge, which must be quite a feat, and I've never seen it happen, but I sure would like to one day! Many thanks to the seagull by the way (see pic), appreciate it ;-) Click on the little pic on the right to go to the big version on the blog.

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Paris Photo Quiz 4 - 'Mile Wide Smile'
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JM said...

Hi! I think this is my 1st visit to your blog and I find it really cool! Great work!

Paris Set Me Free said...

Thanks a lot JM. As you can see, I need comments! All the best..


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