Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Paris Photo Quiz 5 - 'Serious Headache'

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Paris Photo Quiz 5 - 'Serious Headache'

Welcome to the great Paris Set Me Free ~ Paris Photo Quiz!

The idea is simple: I post a pic I took in Paris, and you have to try and guess what or who or where it is. OK? Let's go.

Quiz 5: A surreal image, someone who must have a serious mal à la tête, although the cat doesn't seem too perturbed, but then again, cats seldom do.

So who is this unfortunate chappy, where will you find him, come rain or shine, and what's his sorry story?

And feel free to comment even if someone has already guessed correctly - add more info, talk about similar places you know, share your little Paris stories or anecdotes... whatever - the more the merrier!

The answer and a new mystery pic in a few days!

Paris Photo Quiz 4 - 'Mile Wide Smile' ~ Answer

Go to the original quiz pageI really like this curious drinking fountain, for that's what it is, because of its intriguing design. It's been created such that if you look at it side on, the right-hand edge, as we see it here, is the perfect silhouette of a woman's (probably) face. But as you can see, her nose and mouth and eyes just don't stop and go right the way round the edge. It's a lot of fun to look at and move around. And that's a nice fuzzy French café all lit up in the evening in the background, by the way.

You can find it/her right next to Notre Dame, just off to the left as you look directly at the two big towers from the plaza. Santé! Click on the little pic on the right to go to the big version and the original quiz question on the blog.

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Paris Photo Quiz 5 - 'Serious Headache'
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