Monday, December 28, 2009

Paris Photo Quiz 7 - 'Holey Stone'

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Paris Photo Quiz

~ Today's Mystery Photo ~

Paris Photo Quiz 7 - 'Holey Stone'

Welcome to the great Paris Set Me Free ~ Paris Photo Quiz!
The idea is simple: I post a pic I took in Paris, and you have to try and guess what or who or where it is. OK? Let's go.
Quiz 7: Apart from the corny title I've given this photo there's an inscription which you may or may not be able to make out. But the story gets deeper and more curious than that. Some call it historic, others pretend there's more to it - something much more mysterious worthy of inclusion in the next Da Vinci Code..! (Well, they don't actually, but I'd like to think they do!)
Here's the video which gives you the answer to the Paris Set Me Free ~ Paris Photo Quiz 6, as well as some more discussion of the photo which is the subject of Quiz 7. Looking forward to hearing your ideas in the comments!

And feel free to comment even if someone has already guessed correctly - add more info, talk about similar places you know, share your little Paris stories or anecdotes... whatever - the more the merrier!

The answer and a new mystery pic in a few days!

Paris Photo Quiz 6 - 'Jolly Good, Old Chap' ~ Answer

The shop is one of the best known specialist retailers in Paris, along with the likes of Gibert Jaune for books at St. Michel and the FNAC for everything music and leisure electronics. The name says it all: Au Vieux Campeur, and there are tons of these places scattered around the 5th arrondissement. The symbol is, well, an Old Camper, or rather hiker, with Father Christmas beard and Gandalf-type staff, happily tramping across the hills. The shops themselves, and there must be in between five and ten of them in varying shapes and sizes, all have their own sub-speciality, be it outdoor clothes, canoes, rock climbing or just good old camping. The street is rue des Anglais, which always pleases me when I see it written in one of those typical blue enamel Paris street signs. And to see this comical Mr. Bean or Basil Fawlty type character going past was too good to miss!

Click on the little pic on the right to go to the big version and the original quiz question on the blog.

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Paris Photo Quiz 7 - 'Holey Stone'
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catied said...

love this concept - very creative. *sigh* someday after i graduate i will KNOW the answers. the last one i googled for an hour w/o an answer!

Paris Set Me Free said...

You are KIDDING me?! Wow - such dedication - I'm happy you like the pics and the blog - thanks :-)

catied said...

hi Will - hope you are ok - i'm wondering what the answer is!


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