Friday, January 08, 2010

Paris Photo Tutorials - 'A Heart In Paris'

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Paris Street Photography Tutorials

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Paris Photo Tutorials - 'A Heart In Paris'
Here I offer you a spontaneous discussion / analysis of a photo from both a technical and also a very human point of view. What I don't normally do is go into the nitty gritty of the settings used on the camara because for one thing I generally can't remember and can't be bothered finding out, and secondly, I firmly believe that great photos are made before the shutter button is pressed based on what is happening around the photographer at the time and how he reacts to it. All comments are very welcome.

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Paris Photo Tutorials - 'A Heart In Paris'
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Sab Will / Paris Set Me Free

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catied said...

ha! i didn't think i would like any cropping b/c i liked the 'looking through a keyhole' effect but once again, you were right. interesting b/c usually you think of the past as dim and the future as bright but here it is just the reverse. cool shot.

Sab Will said...

Thanks catied. I've been considering cropping quite a bit lately. Because my paintings are all square now, I've been wondering if I should make all my photos square too. So far I've been taking them at all sorts of weird angles and crops and then mounting them on black squares at the angle they were taken. But I'm still wondering about this...

Rob said...

Thank you for the pointers on cropping. I now realize I don't crop my photos enough.

Paris Set Me Free said...

Fair enough. It's for you to decide, but you've always gotta remember that cropping is an option (unless you've decided never to crop of course) and for many people (and photos) this can make or break the shot.

I often shoot tricky subjects slightly 'bigger' than I need just to give myself more cropping options in post-processing.


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