Sunday, April 18, 2010

Paris Photo Tutorials - 'Getcha Wig Off!'

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Paris Street Photography Tutorials

~ Getcha Wig Off ~

Paris Photo Tutorials - 'Getcha Wig Off'
Here I offer you a spontaneous discussion / analysis of a photo from both a technical and also a very human point of view. What I don't normally do is go into the nitty gritty of the settings used on the camara because for one thing I generally can't remember and can't be bothered finding out, and secondly, I firmly believe that great photos are made before the shutter button is pressed based on what is happening around the photographer at the time and how he reacts to it. All comments are very welcome.

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Paris Photo Tutorials - 'Getcha Wig Off'
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Sab Will / Paris Set Me Free

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catied said...

Thanks for the reminder that the focus of what you are looking at doesn't happen in a vacuum - need to look at the surroundings too. Makes much more interesting pictures!

Queens auto accident attorney said...

Great vibrant colors.

Steve & Cricket said...

Heh heh heh , Still doing some great photos I see..

Hope you are doing well


Evelyn said...

I love the world of blogs...saw you on Eric's PDP picnic video and decided to check out your blog. I love your idea to do video tutorials...this one was very easy to follow and I got some great ideas for my little digital point-and-shoot. Some day I may have a grown-up SLR digital.

Sab said...

Hi there Evelyn - I didn't even know the video was 'out there'! I'll have to check it out - so thanks for stopping by and I'm glad you liked the video tutorials. There are well over a hundred on the blog now if you go back in time through the archives!

Evelyn said...

Sab...since my last comment, I've been working my way thru your videos and learning a lot. I just watched one of you in front of the camera and speaking about photographing the homeless people of Paris. It was very touching. You have such respect for these folks. They are one of the first things I noticed on my initial trip to Paris in 2005. As I wandered the beautiful streets each evening peering into windows full of luxury goods, there they were...staking out claims to their favorite doorways, unrolling blankets,settling in for the night. Quite a contrast to the people rushing by on their way to important events!

Sab said...

Hi Again Evelyn,
Thanks for your nice comments. I try to photograph and talk about all aspects of Paris, and in particular the less-talked about ones, although I try not to be too negative about things!
I'm glad you're enjoying my videos - that's very gratifying. The only reason I'm not updating ist that I've been having problems uploading recently. I'll try to put some new ones up very soon.
Have you seen my other Paris photoblog, by the way?
Take care, Sab

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photo tutorial. A bit detailed for my ability level, but I appreciate snippets of instructions about your craft.

I appreciate good photography of Paris but have never done any photography.

Love the music.

It's such a fun way to "visit" Paris (or anywhere else, for that matter). Please keep up the "ordinary" scenes and the excellent angles and of course the oddities that keep your blogged spiced up!


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