Sunday, July 11, 2010

Paris Photo Tutorials - 'Peekaboo'

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Paris Street Photography Tutorials

~ Peekaboo ~

Paris Photo Tutorials - 'Peekaboo'
Here I offer you a spontaneous discussion / analysis of a photo from both a technical and also a very human point of view. What I don't normally do is go into the nitty gritty of the settings used on the camara because for one thing I generally can't remember and can't be bothered finding out, and secondly, I firmly believe that great photos are made before the shutter button is pressed based on what is happening around the photographer at the time and how he reacts to it. All comments are very welcome.

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Paris Photo Tutorials - 'Peekaboo'
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Rob said...

Thanks for yet another fine example of getting in tight. I have a habit of often shooting much too wide in my urban shots. a striking composition with the angle on the left. I also see a triangle of details, the three squares of artwork, window and lamp. Rather hidden angles our eyes can spot.

I would greatly appreciate any tips you may have on how you bring out the textures.

Sab said...

Hi Rob, thanks for the comments!

Getting in close (even if that just means zooming with your zoom lens, although your zoom legs are normally better) is such a good technique.

A lot of people don't know what their subject actually is when they click the button, and it shows afterwards.

For bringing out texture I'm afraid I just go nuts on post-processing, playing around with contrast and stuff like that. Some like it and some don't, but I'm pretty hooked on it. I do openly state that my aim is not perfect photo-reality, and also the reality is often a little... flat and boring, and not at all how we would like it to be!


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